Coloured Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Manufacturers

Cantor & Nissel
Cantor & Nissel was founded over 40 years ago and is now one of the foremost specialist manufacturers of soft and rigid contact lenses whose products are acknowledged by, and exported, to over fifty countries throughout Europe and the rest of the world.


CIBA VISION is a global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of contact lenses and lens care products.

Cibavision has a range of three cosmetic lenses:

  • Freshlook ColorBlends
  • Freshlook Radiance
  • Freshlook Dimensions

Freshlook color contact lenses are one day lenses. Typically, there are 6 lenses per box.


CooperVision specialises in prescription contact lens. CooperVision has a large range of brands including:

  • Avaira - naturally wettable two-week silicone hydrogel
  • Biofinity - for comfort
  • Biomedics - two week replacement lenses
  • ClearSight - for every day, or every once in a while
  • Expressions Accents - Enhance your natural eye color and enjoy the best of both worlds
  • Expressions Colors - Change your eye color and enjoy the best of both worlds
  • Frequency - Disposable lens suitable for Aspheric, Toric, Sphere, multifocal
  • Hydrasoft - soft contact lenses
  • Preference - 3 month contact lenses
  • Proclear - daily disposable contact lenses
  • Vertex - convenience and performance

CooperVision has 2 types of color lenses. Expressions Colors contact lenses let you make a more dramatic change in your eye color, while Expressions Accents enhancement tints let you enhance your eyes' existing natural color.

EyeMed Technologies
Italian manufacturer of contact lenses. EyeMed make lenses for daily, 15 day, 30 day and 3 month wear. Also Adore contact lenses are available in Dare, Tri and BiColor.


Gelflex Laboratories
Gelflex Laboratories is an innovative Contact Lens manufacturer based in Perth, Western Australia, providing a range of specialised, coloured and extended wear contact lenses to improve the vision, comfort and appearance of its wearers.


Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson have a range of lenses under the brand name Acuvue. Acuvue make daily lenses for general vision, multifocal lenses and colour lenses.

Acuvue® 2 Colours®
Acuvue 2 Colours® are available in ten colors and can be worn daily for up to 2 weeks or continuous wear for up to six nights. Acuvue color lenses are available in three colors that enhance light eyes (Aquamarine, Ocean Blue, and Emerald Green) and seven colors that completely change any eye color (Chestnut Brown, Sapphire Blue, Hazel Green, Jade Green, Pearl Gray, Warm Honey, and Deep Blue). Acuvue 2 Colours are available as plano (no vision correction) and between +6.00D and -9.00D (in 0.25D & -0.25D steps) for people who need correction lenses.


Maxvue Vision
ColourVUE cosmetic contact lenses are manufactured in Malaysia. ColourVUE has a wide range of cosmetis color lenses available.


Contact lenses under the trade name FreshKon.


Soflex Contact Lenses
Over 30 years experience in contact lens manufacturing. Based in Israel.


St Shine Optical Co., Ltd.
Taiwan based contact lens producer. Supplies perscription and colour contact lenses.


Other Contact Lens Manufacturers

» Bausch & Lomb
» Ultravision
» Clearlabs
» Ultravision
» Clearlabs
» Sauflon
» Provis


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